Top 5 Best Wall Hung Toilets – Comprehensive Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Stylish, modern and compact, a wall hung toilet has become a very popular choice for private homes, these days. Wall mounted toilets have many benefits and will certainly give a stylish look to your bathroom.  In this article, we have found the best wall hung toilets to help you decide which one will look great on your bathroom wall.  Before we dive into the best wall hung toilet reviews, lets have a look at why a wall mount toilet will be a good choice for you.

Benefits of Having a Wall Mounted Toilet

Space Saving

Of course, the most obvious benefit of having a wall hung toilet is its size.  A standard one or two-piece toilet has a tank on top of the bowl, that will take up a lot more space.  Not everyone has a large bathroom, therefore a wall hung toilet can be a great asset for small spaces.  With a wall hung toilet, the tank is behind the wall and out of view, making the bathroom feel a lot more spacious.

Easy To Clean

Not every standard toilet is easy to clean.  Some regular toilets have crevices and intricate skirted designs that can be a magnet for dirt and bacteria.  Having the tank on display also means an extra part to clean and maintain.  When it is an in wall tank, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it.  All you have to do with a wall hung toilet is clean the bowl and wipe the floor under it when you are cleaning the rest of the bathroom floor.  Cleaning and maintenance is certainly a lot easier with a wall hung toilet.


Wall mounted toilets are definitely different.  Sure, standard toilets can look great, especially some of their modern designs.  However, there is something special about a wall hung toilet.  It has a luxury feel to it and really stands out compared to a standard tank and bowl toilet.

Custom Fit

A wall hung toilet is not only a great space saver but can also be installed to suit the owner’s height.  When buying a floor mounted toilet, you should consider floor to seat measurements.  Comfort Height toilets will suit tall people, the elderly and the disabled because they make standing up and sitting down that bit easier.  Wall mounted toilets can be installed at different heights.  In fact, a wall hung toilet can be installed anywhere from 15″ to 19″.  A great variety of height possibilities, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

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Best Wall Mounted Toilet Reviews

TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet Review

TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet Bowl

It is not surprising that one of the more popular wall mounted toilets on the market is manufactured by TOTO.  Like all TOTO models, the Aquia wall hung toilet bowl is durable, reliable and looks great.

  • Design
  • Flush System
  • Installation


TOTO Aquia Wall Mounted ToiletThe Toto Aquia wall hung toilet is a modern, classy model that will look great in any bathroom.  It has an elongated bowl for added comfort, and although most standard elongated bowl toilets will take up more space in a bathroom, this model is compact.  Of course, because this model has no visible tank, all that is on view is the bowl.  The elongated bowl measures only 20 inches in length, so it is a great space saving toilet.

Not only does it have a small footprint, but installation height is very versatile.  If you like a standard height toilet then you can install this model at 15″ from floor to rim.  This height will still give you plenty of space underneath the toilet to easily clean.  However if you would like a Comfort Height toilet, a toilet that is taller, then you can install this unit to reach a height of 19″.  This versatility is a great bonus for really tall people and anyone that finds it difficult using a regular height toilet.

Like other TOTO models, this wall mount toilet is made of Vitreous china, a very durable material.  It is also covered in a Sanagloss glaze finish that will not only prevent particles from sticking to it but also helps keep it looking, smooth, shiny and new.

Flushing System

Using the Dual max flushing System, this model is a dual flush toilet.  For a full flush it uses 1.6 Gallons of water per flush, however for a partial flush, it uses only 0.9 GPF.  This makes it a WaterSense Certified toilet and eco-friendly.  This toilet should also save you a lot of money on water bills compared to a standard 3.5 GPF model.


Installation is where the real issues occur with wall mounted toilets.   Wall hung toilets are certainly not a DIY job that anyone can do.  A tank will have to be installed behind the wall and may have to be installed by a professional.  A wall mounted toilet and tank will be more expensive than a standard toilet and then add in installation costs.  It can definitely add up.


This dual flush model by TOTO is a great looking, compact and solid toilet that is also very versatile.  Its ability for Comfort height installation is a bonus and its dual flush system is also another great feature.  If you are looking for a a modern and classy wall hung toilet with all of the reliability of a TOTO model, then the Aquia is certainly a great option.

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TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet
Kohler Veil Wall Hung Toilet Review

KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet

The Kohler Veil Wall Hung Toilet is another sleek, clean and modern looking model that will only add quality to a bathroom.  Not as round as the TOTO Aquia above but it certainly looks as smooth and classy.

  • Design
  • Flush System
  • Installation


Kohler Veil Wall Hung ToiletWith its elongated bowl but compact design, this model offers more comfort than a round bowl, without taking up any extra space.  In fact, the Veil only measures 21″ in length and just over 15″ in width.   Compared to Kohler’s longest model, this toilet measures 12″ less.  This means that this wall hung toilet would be ideal for small bathrooms and be a fantastic space saver.

A really impressive feature with this model is how versatile the installation height can be.  Now, just like the TOTO Aquia above, the minimum installation height is roughly 15″ from floor to seat.  However, where as the maximum height for the TOTO Aquia is 19″, the maximum height for the Kohler Veil is over 28″.  Now, I don’t know if you would need a toilet seat that high, however the option is there and it is pretty impressive.

A quiet close seat is also included with this toilet bowl.

Flushing System

A dual flush actuator allows you to choose between a full flush and a partial flush.  The full flush uses 1.6 GPF for solid waste, where as for liquid waste the partial flush of 0.8 GPF is sufficient.  The GPF is similar to the Aquia above, so the Veil is also a WaterSense Certified toilet.  Just like other Kohler toilets, this models flushing performance will be very effective.


The Kohler k-2699 Veil Wall Hung Toilet is just the elongated bowl.  To complete the installation you will need to purchase an in-wall tank and carrier system.  The actuator is also sold separately.  Add professional installation fees (most people will need to hire a plumber), and the price can certainly add up.  However, once these wall mounted toilets are set up, they do look amazing.


The Kohler Veil Wall Hung Toilet is a modern and stylish model that will look great in any contemporary bathroom.  Its dual flush system is WaterSense Certified and great for saving water.  It is also a Comfort Height toilet that has a really high installation option of between 15″ and over 28″.  This model will really be great for anyone that finds regular or even high seats difficult to use.

If you are interested in seeing the Kohler Veil Intelligent floor mounted toilet review, then follow the link.

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KOHLER Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet

Duravit Starck 3 Wall Mounted Toilet Review

Duravit 2225090092 Toilet Bowl Wall Mounted Starck 3

The Duravit Starck 3 is a nice looking model that compares well when it comes to appearance and is a little cheaper than some of the other models.

  • Design
  • Flush System
  • Installation


Duravit Wall Mounted Toilet ReviewThe Starck 3 has an oval shape and measures over 21″ in length.  It is quite hard to find details on this product, therefore I can only write about the basics.  I know that it measures 15-3/4″ from floor to rim or seat.  What I do not know is whether this model can be installed any higher to suit the user.  It doesn’t say that this model is ADA Compliant, therefore I assume that this model will not be a Comfort Height toilet.

It is also worth noting that you will need a toilet seat that is specifically designed for the Starck 3.  If you try to use a different toilet seat model, it will not fit on the toilet properly and may move or become loose.  You can see the Starck 3 toilet seat in the video below.  It is a slow close seat and looks very nice.

Flushing System

I can’t say I have any details about the flushing system the Starck 3 uses, however I do know that it is a dual flush toilet and is WaterSense Certified.  For solid waste this unit uses 1.6 GPF, where as for liquid waste it uses 0.8 GPF.  This is water efficient and is a decent water saver.

Performance wise, what better way to see how effective this model is but by watching a demonstration.  This short video demonstration not only shows how nice the toilet looks but also how powerful and quiet its flush is.  It is a regular downward flushing toilet but flushes quite well.

Check out this short video demonstrating the Starck 3 flushing performance:

Starck 3 Wall Hung Toilet Flush Video
It is also worth noting that the bowl is coated in WonderGliss.  WonderGliss is a coating that is baked into the ceramic and prevents grime, dirt and limescale from sticking to the smooth surface.  This coating will allow residue to run off easily and will keep the bowl looking clean without the need of harsh chemicals.


Of course, the difficulty of installing a wall mounted toilet depends on whether you have the in-wall tank already installed.  This model is not a tankless toilet, therefore you will need a tank installed behind the wall.  If you don’t have a tank installed behind your wall then you will more than likely need a professional to the job.

However, if you are just changing the bowl, then this short video will demonstrate how the Duravit Stark 3 bowl is installed.

Starck 3 Wall Hung Toilet Installation Video


The Duravit is a nice looking toilet that is compact and effective.  The flush is powerful and efficient, allowing this unit to be WaterSense Certified.  Duravit is not as widely known as the other big players, so it is hard to judge on quality.  If you do purchase this model, then you will also need to purchase the Starck 3 slow close toilet seat.

Duravit Starck 3 Toilet

TOTO MH Wall Hung Toilet Review

Toto CT437FG#01 MH Wall-Hung D-Shape Toilet

Another Toto toilet, another great looking model.  This model is a little more expensive than the Aquia above, however it does look a little different and is more water efficient.  Lets have a closer look.

  • Design
  • Flush System
  • Installation


TOTO MH Wall Hung Toilet ReviewFirst of all, the MH is a D shape toilet.  I really like the design of this model and it looks a little different to the Aquia.  The D shape will require a D shape toilet seat, specifically designed for this model.  The bowl measures just under 21″ in length, so it is compact and suitable for small bathrooms.

It has an installation height of 15″ to 19″, making it a Comfort Height toilet.  It is also ADA Compliant and suitable for a wide range of users.  A wall mounted toilet is not only a great space saver but because of its Universal Height seating, will be ideal for not only tall people but the elderly and disabled too.

Flushing System

Like many other TOTO models, this toilet uses the Tornado Flushing System.  This system creates a tornado like swirling flush that sweeps the waste down the drain.  This flushing system is very powerful and is highly rated.  What I really like about this tornado style flush, is the rimless bowl.  The bowl has two holes on the rim and this is where the water gushes out and creates the whirlpool like flush.  The rimless design will help keep the rim clean a lot easier compared to a standard toilet bowl.

This model is also a dual flush toilet.  It is a little more water efficient than the Aquia, using 1.28 GPF for a full flush and 0.9 GPF for a partial flush.  The Aquia uses 1.6 GPF for the full flush, so this model is that little bit more efficient.  Of course, this toilet is a WaterSense Certified model and is very eco-friendly, and will be great for saving money on water bills too.

Like so many other TOTO toilets, the MH is coated in a CeFiONtect ceramic glaze.  This glaze finish will prevent particles from clinging to the bowl and help keep it looking clean and new for longer.  Another bonus is a less need to use harsh chemicals that will ruin the bowl ceramics, over time.


It goes without saying that a wall hung toilet will need a lot more installation expertise compared to a standard toilet.  For this model, you will need to install a separately bought water tank behind the wall.  If you are just changing the bowl, then you should be able to install it yourself.  There are many videos available to demonstrate an installation (there is one in the review above).


The TOTO MH wall mounted toilet is a fabulous looking unit that will look great in any modern bathroom.  I really like its D shape, and its compact design will be perfect for small bathrooms.  Its Universal Height seating is ADA Compliant and will be suitable for a wide range of users.  It is also a highly efficient dual flush toilet that is WaterSense Certified and the most efficient water saver on this article.  If you are looking for a stylish, efficient, compact and comfortable toilet for your bathroom, then this wall mounted toilet might just be what you are looking for.

TOTO MH Wall Hung Toilet

American Standard Glenwall Wall Mounted Toilet Review

American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall  Wall-Mounted Toilet

To add a little variety to this article, I chose this tank and bowl combo by American Standard.  The American Standard Glenwall will not look as modern and stylish as the other toilets in this article, however it does have the advantage of having the tank on top of the bowl (no need to install an in wall tank).  This tank bowl combination is very similar to a regular toilet, however it is wall mounted.

  • Design
  • Flush System
  • Installation


American Standard Wall Mounted Toilet ReviewUnlike the other toilets in this article, the Glenwall has the tank on the outside.  It is very similar to a standard toilet with the tank on top of the bowl.  Of course, the main difference is that this toilet is mounted on the wall, so there is a gap between the bowl and floor.  The main benefit of this is that you can clean the floor under the toilet, whenever you want.

The Glenwall is made of Vitreous china, a very durable material.  It is also ADA Compliant.  An ADA Compliant toilet will have a measurement of 17″ to 19″ from floor to seat.

This model has an elongated bowl shape and will provide more comfort and space to the user compared to a round bowl.  However, this model does contain a tank on top, therefore it will take up more space in your bathroom compared to the other models above.  The toilets above average around 21″ in length, however the Glenwall measures roughly 29″ in length.

Flushing System

This model is a pressure assisted toilet and uses a siphon jet action to flush.  Now, pressure assisted toilets can be a little noisy, and this one will be no different.   This pressure assisted toilet is very powerful and according to American Standard, is suitable for heavy use commercial bathrooms.

It uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush, which is ok, however it is not WaterSense Certified.  As you may already know, a WaterSense Certified toilet has to use less than 1.6 GPF.

Check out this very short video, demonstrating the Glenwall flushing.  You also get to see if this model looks good or not:

American Standard Glenwall Toilet Flush Video


Installation isn’t easy for this model.  It may not have a tank on the inside, however it isn’t as basic as connecting it to the wall.  Instructions are provided if you want to install it yourself, however you will have to be pretty handy to install this model.


The American Standard Glenwall is a standard looking toilet that is for wall mounting.  It isn’t as stylish and modern as the other models in this article, however it is an option.  It is a tank and bowl combo, so you won’t need to install an in wall tank.  Also, it is ADA Compliant, so it can be installed to a chair height, making it more comfortable for more users.  This model is powerful and relatively efficient, however it is not WaterSense Certified.  As with a lot of pressure assisted toilets, the power comes with a little bit of noise at the beginning of each flush.

American Standard Glenwall Wall Mounted Toilet

Best Wall Hung Toilets Buyer's Guide

Best Wall Mounted Toilets Buyer’s Guide

Wall hung toilets used to be an exotic style of toilet that were found in high end hotels.  However, they have now become more popular in many households.  They look really stylish and are so compact that they take up very little space.

Common Misconceptions On Wall Hung Toilets

There are a few misconceptions on wall hung toilets that might put some people off of purchasing one.

  • First off all, it is the installation process.  Well, a wall hung toilet’s tank is located inside the wall.  This is what makes it such a great space saver.   This sounds like a lot of work, however if you are building a new bathroom, then the tank system should be installed before the drywall is finished.
  • Secondly, people may be afraid that the bowl will not hold their weight.  There will be no issue with this if the toilet is installed correctly.  The average wall mounted toilet should accommodate at least 500 lbs of body weight, so they are pretty strong.
  • Thirdly, how will you be able to service the toilet when the flushing system is behind the wall.  The flush is controlled by buttons on the wall.  These buttons are on a plate above the toilet.  To gain access to the flushing system, you just remove the plate, stick your arm into the opening and then correct any issues with the tank etc.
  • Finally, they are expensive.  As wall hung toilets have become so popular these days, competition is on the rise.  This of course will lower prices, making wall hung toilets as affordable as many other toilets.  Yes, they will be more expensive than standard toilets, however they are a more high end model.

What Are The Negatives Of Having A Wall Mounted Toilet

There are some negatives with having a wall mounted toilet and most involve the installation process.

  • Firstly, if you are not building the toilet from scratch then installing a wall hung toilet will involve opening up a wall.  After removing the wall, you will also have to reroute the waste pipe.  This is a lot more effort than simply installing a standard toilet on the floor.
  • Secondly, if you are changing from a regular toilet to a wall hung model, then you will have a hole in the floor where the previous drainage system was.  In that case you will also need to cover and tile this area of the floor.
  • Also, when choosing the tank, you will have to know if you need 2×4 or 2×6 studs.  Manufacturers make carriers for both, so it is important to know which one you will need before buying.
  • Finally, wall mounted toilets generally do not flush as well as floor mounted toilets.  It seems to be a common complaint that they are not as effective as a standard style toilet.

Who Would Benefit From Owning A Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets are not only popular because they look exotic and stylish.   Yes, they look very modern, however they do have other benefits as well.

  • They are ideal for small spaces.  A wall hung toilet is as compact a toilet as you can get.  The tank is behind the wall, therefore all that is on display is the bowl.  This will give your bathroom so much more free space.  Even compared to a tankless floor mounted toilet, a wall mounted model has a very small footprint.
  • They are height adjustable.  A wall mounted toilet can be installed at different heights.  This means that if you like a standard height, then you can install it to the same height as a standard toilet.  A standard height toilet is ideal for smaller adults and children.  However, if you are tall, elderly or disabled, then a taller toilet seat will be more suitable for you.  In that case, you can have the toilet installed higher, similar to a Comfort Height.  A wall mounted toilet can be installed anywhere from 15″ to 19″.
  • They are easy to unclog.  Gaining access to the plumbing is relatively easy by removing the flush button plate.  You can just stick your hand in the opening and solve any issue.
  • Of course an obvious one is easy cleaning.  A wall mounted toilet is not connected to the floor, therefore it is easy to clean underneath.  It is easy to mop the area clean, unlike a standard floor mounted toilet.  Also the bowl is all that is on display, so a bowl is all you have to clean and maintain.  Almost all wall hung toilets have a smooth skirt, so all they will need is a wipe with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new.

Final Thoughts

Wall hung toilets are not only found in resort hotels.  They have really made an impact in the residential market and are becoming a very popular choice for many households.  Wall mounted toilets are compact space savers that not only look modern and stylish but are also easy to clean and maintain.  Sure, a wall hung toilet takes a lot more work with the installation process, however they are worth the effort.  They can be installed for standard or Comfort Height seating, so they will be suitable for a wide range of users.

I hope you found this article on the best wall hung toilet reviews and buyer’s guide helpful.  If you have anymore questions on these models or on wall hung toilets in general, leave a message in the comment section below.

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