Best Real Money Toilet Seats

Best Real Money Toilet Seats

Let’s face it, most toilet seats you see are pretty plain and dull, right?  Many people choose a toilet seat color that matches the decor of the bathroom and then they are satisfied.  If that is what you like, then great.  However, I understand  that some people want to make a statement in their bathroom.

When someone goes to the bathroom, 99% of the time they are going to use the toilet so the toilet seat is the most used and viewed part of the bathroom.  So why not make it stand out? Why not make it the centre piece?  In this best real money toilet seats reviews, you will see some money toilet seats that even Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather would be proud to have on his throne.  Who knows maybe he already has one.

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My No.1 Pick Real US Dollar Money Toilet Seat


What can I say about this money toilet seat.  One things for sure with money toilet seats, you get what you pay for.  This toilet seat is certainly a lot more expensive than the cheaper version but the quality is easy to see.

First of all,  I really like the fact that the manufacturers use real money in this toilet seat.  Real dollars, real quarters, real dimes and real nickels.  This heavy duty money toilet seat is made in the USA and is the real deal compared to its imported competitors that use imitation money.  I believe that you can easily see the difference between real money and fake money and it makes a big difference to how the toilet seat looks.

This is also a heavy solid toilet seat, built to last,so even though its not cheap, I am sure you will get your money’s worth.  If you want a great quality, toilet seat using real one dollar bills and real coins then look no further that this American made money toilet seat.  If you want a standard round version (measures 14.5″ x 16″), then click on the link below. The elongated version is currently unavailable.

Details –
  • Has real one dollar bills and real quarters, dimes and nickels
  • Heavy and solidly made toilet seat
  • Made in the USA
  • Elongated and Round toilet seat options
  • Has chrome hinges

Real Coin Money Toilet Seat


Real US Pennies Coins Money Toilet Seat

This is similar to the previous money toilet seat and I believe manufactured by the same company, however, this toilet seat is decorated with many U.S. pennies.  These are brand new shiny pennies that will make your washroom glitter when the sun shines through.

As said in the previous review, this money toilet seat is made in the USA and is made of heavy, durable materials.  It is made of lucite resin and has chrome hinges.  If you like the idea of a see through lucite toilet seat with shiny brand new pennies inside, then this round money toilet seat could be the one for you.

If you want to see the elongated toilet seat, click the link below (measures 14.5″ x 18″).
To see the standard round toilet seat, click the link below (measures 14″ x 16″)

Details –
  • Uses real brand new U.S. pennies for decoration
  • Heavy, durable toilet seat
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in standard and elongated options
  • Chrome hinges

Best Oak Wood Money Toilet Seat With One Coin Emblem

New Oak Finish Toilet Seat Lid Cover with Coin or Badge theme –

(Sorry, No Longer Available)
Oak Wood Money Toilet Seat With Authentic Dollar Coin

Out of all the money toilet seats I am reviewing, this one is the most simple of the lot.  It is a nicely made oak wood toilet seat with one coin set in the middle.  The coin is not glued to the seat but is in fact embedded in it, giving a nice smooth finish.

If you like wooden toilet seats then the coin does add a little style it. It is designed only for round toilet seats and measures 15.5″ from front to the bolts in the back.  There are 4 types of coins to choose from, from a replica Indian head coin, an authentic dollar head coin, an authentic dollar tails coin or a Texas ranger badge (by the looks of it the Texas ranger badge is not embedded into the wood).

You also have the choice of having the coin placed on the front or the back of the lid.  This money toilet seat is simple looking but it does have some charm and I believe it would look nice in any washroom.  If you would like to find out more about this oak wood money toilet seat then have a look here.

Details –
  • Made of oak wood
  • 1 coin embedded in the toilet seat
  • 4 different coins/badge to choose from
  • Choose to have coin placed on top or back of lid
  • Measures 15.5″ from front to back, therefore only suitable for standard round toilets

Best Value Money Toilet Seat With Coins And Dollar Bill

Heavy Duty Money Toilet Seat

Best Value Money Toilet Seat

This money toilet seat is an imitation of the first two toilet seats, however, it is a fraction of the price.  What are the positives of this money toilet seat?  It is heavy and solid and is made to quite a good standard.  It is also a lot cheaper than the first two toilet seats.

However, for me there is one big drawback.  The money!  The coins are fake and they really look fake.  They have been described as looking like the play money we used to have as kids.  The dollar is apparently real though.

This money toilet seat is more in my price range than the first two, however, once you compare the first two money toilet seats to this one, you can see the difference real shiny new coins make.  Then again, if you want a money toilet seat and the price is right then why not have a closer look at this one here.

Details –
  • Real dollar and fake coins design
  • Size = 15″W x 15.5″L
  • Suitable for standard round sized toilets
  • Sturdy
  • Rust-resistant chrome hinges


Money toilet seats may not make your bathroom look more expensive, however, they are guaranteed to make it look more fun.  I hope you found these reviews on the best real money toilet seats helpful and were able to find your ideal toilet seat for your bathroom.

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