TOTO Drake II Review – Is this Popular Toilet Worth the Extra $$$

TOTO Drake II Review

Welcome to my TOTO Drake II Review.

TOTO is one of the more highly rated toilet brands and they produce such a wide range of high quality toilets. This includes the TOTO Drake II. This model is one of the most popular TOTO toilets you will find on the market and it appears that many consumers are extremely happy with it.

So in this TOTO Drake II toilet review, we will take a closer look at this toilet to see if it is as good as advertised. Let’s see if it has what it takes to suit your needs. Please keep on reading below.

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Features and Benefits of TOTO Drake II Toilets

The first thing you will notice about the TOTO Drake II toilet, is how good it looks. Its unique, attractive design can definitely improve the overall look of your bathroom. But you should remember that functionality, quality, and performance are just as important as how it looks.

So without further ado, here are some of the best features you will find in the TOTO Drake II:

Dual Cyclone Flushing Technology

The TOTO Drake II toilet features Dual Cyclone Flushing Technology, which is also known as the tornado flush mechanism.  The double cyclone flushing system creates a powerful swirling water flow into the bowl, providing a more effective flush. This technology is powerful enough to flush out up to 800 grams of waste. That is a lot!

When you press the flush button, two powerful nozzles will activate  and produce centrifugal cyclone rinsing. The cyclone rinse will flush the accumulated waste and completely clean the bowl within a few seconds. There’s no need to flush twice with this toilet, saving you so much water. Once the waste is removed from the bowl, it quickly refills too.

This short video will demonstrate the awesome TOTO’s Tornado Flushing Technology (Viewing time 1.40 mins)

Easy to clean and maintain

First of all, since it has a powerful flush, you will hardly have any issues with marks left on the bowl. In addition to that, this toilet prevents clogging. It is specially designed with a wide trapway to ensure it will not clog up easily. Moreover, this trapway is coated with a smooth glaze, making it difficult for anything to stick to it.

The toilet has also been built using vitreous china construction which is one of the finest materials toilets can be made of. What is more, the vitreous china is coated with a Toto patented CeFiONtect glaze finish. The glaze finish will make the bowl easier to clean since solid matter will have trouble sticking to it.

Toto patented CeFiONtect glaze is non-stick

Efficient and wonderful design

This toilet has a convenient height setting that is suitable for a wide range of people. It also meets the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The toilet seat height will be more comfortable for adults, especially taller ones, as well as the elderly. However, young kids might find the taller seat level a little harder to reach.

The elongated bowl shape is also more comfortable to use. Health care experts recommend an elongated bowl for people with back problems, people with disabilities and the elderly. This is because the elongated bowl helps evenly distribute body weight and gives further support to the thighs.

Another feature I like about this toilet is its quiet flush. This feature is ideal for light sleepers, especially if your bathroom is attached to the bedroom.

The TOTO Drake II toilet is also available in several color choices, like Ebony, Bone, Colonial White, Sedona Beige and Cotton.

ADA compliant toilet seat height

  • Color : Bone, Colonial White, Cotton White, Sedona Beige
  • Dimensions : 28.5 x 17.25 x 30 inches
  • Toilet Seat Height : 17.25 inches
  • Shape : Elongated Bowl Design
  • Material : Vitreous China
  • Weight : 57.3 lbs
  • Flush : 1.28 GPF
  • Handle : Left Side
  • Certification : WaterSense

Easy to install

This toilet is relatively simple to install. You might be able to install it by yourself as long as you think you can follow all the steps on its manual and you have regular hand tools.

Incredible water consumption

In this day and age, it matters not only how well a toilet performs, but also how efficient it is when it comes to water savings.

Do you know that most of the older traditional toilets consume up to 6 gallons of water every time you flush? That sounds like such a waste of water. This is why the present federal standard requires that all modern toilets should only use 1.6 gallons or less per flush.

It is good to know that the TOTO Drake II toilet is WaterSense Certified. This means it will consume at least 20% less water compared to the present federal standard. In other words, this toilet only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, making it a water efficient toilet.

WaterSense Certified – 1.28 GPF
Toto Drake II

How Does it Compare

TOTO Drake II Toilet vs. TOTO Ultramax II Toilet

Both of these TOTO toilets are almost the same and have excellent performance. Installation is also relatively easy to follow for both.  They come with a powerful flushing system that can clear waste in a single flush, are very comfortable and will help you conserve water.

The only difference is that the Drake II doesn’t come with a toilet seat, so this is an added cost. The Ultramax II is also much easier to clean since it is a one-piece design. However, the Ultramax II is a bit more expensive than the Drake II.

The TOTO Drake II is a two-piece toilet and cheaper than the Ultramax II (one-piece)

TOTO Drake II Toilet vs. TOTO Drake Toilet

When it comes to the TOTO Drake and the Drake II, either one is a good choice. But if price is not an issue, then you can go for the Drake II. Between the two, the Drake II is more loved by customers. Well, that definitely makes sense since TOTO has listened to its customers and has made a significant improvement upon the original design.

For instance, the TOTO Drake has received complaints about its bowl design since it has an uncomfortable shape for some users. There is also a ridge inside the bowl for the water line that gives the impression of the toilet looking dirty. So TOTO stepped up its game with the Drake II to resolve customers’ complaints about the design.

The TOTO Drake II has an improved design

TOTO Drake II Toilet vs. American Standard Vormax Plus Toilet

There’s a strong competition between the TOTO Drake II and the Vormax Plus by American Standard. Both are tall height, two-piece toilets with excellent performance and amazing features.

Just like the TOTO Drake II, the Vormax Plus also features a powerful flushing system. But what makes the Vormax Plus stand out is that its jetted scrub has Lysol to clean the bowl and keep it smelling fresh at all times.

Overall, these two toilets are easy to clean, help you efficiently save water, have a high level of comfort and are easy to install. These two models are high quality, so spending your hard earned cash on either one should be a good investment.

8.9 Total Score
TOTO Drake II Toilet

The TOTO Drake II is a highly rated, powerful and efficient toilet. This model uses a Dual Cyclone flushing system and only 1.28 GPF. The Drake II is WaterSense certified and ADA compliant.

  • Powerful Flushing System
  • WaterSense Certified
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Non-stick Glaze Finish
  • Comfort Height Seating
  • ADA Compliant
  • Toilet Seat Not Included
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Final Thoughts on TOTO Drake II Toilets

The TOTO Drake II toilet may lack some of the advanced features found in today’s toilet, but its effective flush as well as the high level of comfort it provides, more than makes up for it.

Plus, there’s no need to break the bank purchasing this toilet, as it comes at a budget-friendly price. It can be a frugal purchase without making a huge sacrifice in overall quality.

Hopefully you found this TOTO Drake II Review helpful. 

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