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Hi, my name is Rob or just call me The Toilet Seat Guy!  Here at the thetoiletseatguy.com, my team and I have made it our mission to find the best toilet stuff online.  We are passionate about great looking bathrooms, so we have decided to find, review and compare the best toilets, toilet seats and all other bathroom stuff available online.

As you will have noticed with the name, I started out with toilet seats, but why stop there.  There are hundreds of toilets to choose from and even more toilet seats, never mind other toilet accessories.  It can be a little overwhelming choosing the best toilet items online because they all look great and they can also be quite an investment financially.  Well, before you make your final purchasing decision, make sure to check out the many toilet reviews and buyer’s guides throughout this website.  That toilet you had your eye on might not be as highly rated as you thought.  Find out which brand of toilet leads the way for innovation and technology.  Find out which toilets are the best value and which ones are like ‘flushing money down the proverbial toilet’. We hope you find this website interesting and useful and we hope that it helps you find the right toilet stuff to make your bathroom look amazing.

The Toilet Seat Guy.

The Toilet Seat Guy

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