Top 9 Animal Toilet Paper Holder Free Standing And Mounted

Some may be cute, some not so cute but if you are looking for a a cool animal toilet roll holder, then have a look at my top selling list below.

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1. Design Toscano Commode Dragon Tyrant Bath Tissue Holder

Dragon Novelty Toilet Paper Holder

Not only will this mythical dragon protect your bathroom from any intruders but he patiently holds your toilet paper for you as well. A fantastic quality, professionally crafted toilet holder from Design Toscano.

Follow this link to see the price and other reviews.

Details –

Dimensions : 12.5″ W x 4.5″ D x 10″ H 3 lbs
Materials : Hand painted high quality designer resin
No screws needed. Key hole slot at the back for hanging from the wall
Great gift for gothic, medieval and fantasy theme fans

2.Yoga Cat Cast Iron Holder

Stretching Cat Toilet Paper Holder

This stretching little cat is suitable for paper towels and toilet paper.  As she stretches out her paws after a nap, her tail stretches out, giving you plenty of tail to put your toilet paper on.

Click here, for more details.

Details –

Dimensions : 19.9″ x 10.4″ x 5.1″
Materials : Cast iron
Heavy enough to maintain stability
Holds up to 3 rolls of toilet paper
Perfect gift for cat lovers

3. Giraffe Animal Toilet Paper Holder

Giraffe Animal Toilet Paper Holder

This giraffe uses his long neck to hold your toilet rolls.  It is made of cast iron and is 18.5″ in height.

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Details –

Dimensions : 5″ (D) x 18.5″ (H)
Materials : Cast iron
Free standing toilet roll or paper towel holder
Perfect gift for giraffe lovers and wildlife enthusiasts

4.River’s Edge Black Labrador Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Cute Dog Toilet Roll Holder

This super cute little black Labrador loves to hold the toilet roll for you.
He looks so happy with his mouth open, smiling eyes and big nose.  A beautiful, realistic well crafted product.

For more reviews and the price, follow this link.

Details –

Dimensions : 21.5″ H x 10″ W x 11″ D
Materials : Hand painted poly resin
Cute free standing animal toilet paper holder
Great gift for all dog lovers, especially Labrador owners

5.Dachshund Toilet Paper Or Paper Towel Holder – Copper-Look Finish

Copper Finish Dog Toilet Roll Holder

This cute little dachshund looks so happy to see you that he is standing on his hind legs.  Can you imagine him wagging his tail? This animal toilet paper holder is definitely cute but also has some style with its weathered copper look finish.

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Details –

Dimensions : 11.5″(H) x 7″(W) x 6.1″(D)
Materials : Cast-resin
Weathered, copper-look finish
Great gift for dog lovers, especially Dachshund enthusiasts

6.Northwoods Bear Toilet Paper Holder

Cute Little Bear Toilet Roll Holder

This little bear cub is just too cute.  He is holding up a toilet paper in one paw and holding his nose with the other.  This free standing animal toilet paper holder can also hold 3 toilet rolls at the back.

To find this little bear on Amazon, go here.

Details –

Dimensions : 6″L x 9″W x 22″H
Materials : Resin and wood
Free standing little bear toilet paper holder (holds 3 spare rolls at the back)
Great gift for bear and animal lovers

7.Rivers Edge Products Standing Bear Toilet Paper Holder

Bear Free Standing Toilet Roll Holder

This big bear might look intimidating but he is very friendly once you get to know him.  This free standing big black bear is holding the toilet paper with his big hairy paws.

To read more reviews and see the price, go here.

Details –

Dimensions : 11″ (D) x 10″ (W) x 21.5″ (H)
Materials : Poly resin
Beautifully designed realistic black bear
Great gift for bear lovers and wildlife enthusiasts

8. Rivers Edge Products Moose Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Moose Animal Toilet Paper Holder

Cute looking standing moose, obediently holding a toilet roll for you. Cute and well crafted animal toilet paper holder.

To read reviews on this moose toilet roll holder, follow this link.

Details –

Dimensions : 21.5″ tall
Materials : Hand painted poly resin
Great detailed design
Great gift for moose and widlife enthusiasts

9. Rivers Edge Products Standing Horse Toilet Paper Holder

Standing Horse Toilet Roll Holder

A must have for horse lovers out there. This cute horse is standing to attention holding your toilet roll for you. A cute and hilarious horse toilet paper holder.

Click on this link to find the price and other details.

Details –

Dimensions : 21″ H x 10″ W x 11″ D
Materials : Poly resin
Standing horse toilet paper holder
Great gift for horse lovers and outdoor enthusiasts

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