Top 10 Best Wooden Toilet Seats For Your Bathroom

Best Wooden Toilet Seats

Plastic toilet seats or wooden toilet seats, which ones to choose? Plastic toilet seats are probably a more popular choice in most modern bathrooms, however wooden toilet seats can certainly add a lot of style. There is something classy about a heavy, solid toilet seat made from wood. However, not all wooden toilet seats look alike. They can be dull, shiny, mahogany, red, brown or even black. Add into the mix the materials used to make a traditional wooden toilet seat, and you will have a decision to make when choosing one for your bathroom. Well, hopefully this article will guide you in the right direction. If you are looking for the Best Wooden Toilet Seats, then check out our list below to see which one will suit your bathroom.

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Best Wooden Toilet Seats – Our Top 10 List

Mayfair Oak Wooden Toilet Seat with Chrome Hinges, Elongated and Round (Best Wooden Toilet Seat – Value Buy)

Wooden toilet seat - natural oak

Made of wood and veneer, this toilet seat is an inexpensive option available in elongated and round options. There is a choice of two colors: walnut and natural oak.

The seat has a powder coated matte style finish which is not shiny and looks like good quality. The chrome plated hinges contrast nicely with the wood.

  • Available in a Walnut or Natural oak color
  • Inexpensive
  • Elongated and round toilet seat options
  • Made of veneer wood material
  • Chrome hinges

MAYFAIR Solid Bamboo Wood Toilet Seat with Brushed Nickel Hinges, Round or Elongated (Best Wooden Toilet Seat – Stylish)

Made from solid bamboo, this wood substitute toilet seat is an environmentally friendly option. It is a light weight toilet seat, however, even though it is made of bamboo, it does have a stylish wood look to it and doesn’t look cheap. The stylish look is complimented well with brushed nickel hinges. If you like this toilet seat then, it is available in elongated and standard options.

  • Elongated and round bamboo toilet seat options
  • Made of solid bamboo material
  • Light weight and environmental friendly
  • Nickel brushed hinges

Comfort Seats Round Wooden Toilet Seats, (Best Wooden Toilet Seat – Dark Mahogany)

Made with premium grade wood, this solid toilet seat is heavy, shiny and looks high quality. It is a little more expensive than the others, but then this is a solid wood toilet seat. The hinges are made of stainless steel, which will prevent rust. Also, it has a mahogany surface that has a multi-coat glossy finish. Overall, not a cheap option, but definitely one of the more premium looking toilet seats.

  • Made with premium grade wood
  • Available for Round toilets only
  • Factory installed stainless steel hinges prevent rust and ensures perfect alignment between cover and seat
  • Multi-coat surface finish provides a shiny, durable mahogany finish
  • Not cheap

Comfort Seats Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat with Brushed Nickel Hinges, Round, Oak

Similar to the toilet seat above, this seat is also made of premium wood. Instead of a rich Mahogany color, this one is a lighter oak shade. However, it does look just as shiny and stylish. The multi coat surface not only gives it its shiny appearance but also protects it from stains and scratches.

  • Made with premium grade wood
  • Available for Round toilets only
  • Factory installed brushed nickel hinges ensures perfect alignment between cover and seat
  • Multi-coat surface finish provides a shiny, durable finish
  • Not cheap

TOPSEAT Native Impression Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat with Brushed Nickel Hinges, Natural Bamboo

Another toilet seat made of bamboo material. This wooden toilet seat is made by Topseat. Topseat have a good reputation for making good quality toilet seats that function well and look great. Once again, a bamboo toilet seat is a very eco-friendly option that gives a wood-like appearance. This toilet seat does not have a shiny, glossy finish but it does look high quality. The brushed nickel hinges also adds quality to the appearance of this seat.

  • Made of natural bamboo
  • Hand sanded smooth finish
  • Corrosion-resistant brushed nickel hinges
  • Made of environmentally green materials
  • Three-year warranty!

Sanilo Round Wooden Toilet Seat, Slow Close, Molded Wood, Rustic

Sanilo, just like Topseat, provide a variety of designer toilet seats that can add a lot of fun to a bathroom. Some of their designs have a realistic wood-like appearance. These toilet seats are made of molded wood, however, from what I have read, these toilet seats may have a wood interior but a plastic like cover. From their predominately positive reviews, these toilet seats are sturdy, easy to clean and look great. If you like the design, then one of these wood design toilet seats might be worth considering.

  • Slow close toilet seat
  • Molded wood material
  • Easy to clean premium surface
  • Easy to install
  • Strong hinges

Bath Décor Dark Brown Stained Finish Wooden Toilet Seat with Brushed Nickel Hinges – Round and Elongated

This toilet seat by Bath Decor, is made of laminated natural wood. The wood is sealed with two coats of industrial grade furniture lacquer, providing ample protection. What makes this seat stand out compared to some of the previous wooden toilet seats is the style of hinges. The hinges are plastic with brushed nickel clips, that are quite solid compared to hinge bars.

  • Solid wood construction with laminated Natural wood
  • Colors: Dark Brown, Light Oak, Rattan Bamboo
  • Available in Round and Elongated toilet seats
  • Top mount adjustable release ‘N’ clean hinge with metal finish on cap
  • Brushed nickel finish hinge

Comfort Seats Deluxe Molded Wood Toilet Seat, Elongated, Black

Made from molded wood (wood flour mixed with a thermosetting resin), this black wooden toilet seat is an ideal choice for black toilets. It is very easy to install and very highly rated on Amazon. The hinges are made of plastic but they are also black, so the whole toilet seat is 100% black. if you are looking for a black toilet seat for your bathroom, then you won’t go wrong with this option. Unfortunately, it is only available for elongated toilets.

  • Black Wooden Toilet Seat suitable for Elongated toilets
  • Molded wood composition ensures strength and durability
  • Multi-coat surface finish provides added protection and durability
  • Factory installed hinges
  • Very easy to install, corrosion proof
  • Color matched bumpers

Comfort Seats Soft Close Wooden Toilet Seat, Round with EZ Close Chrome Hinges, Walnut (Best Wooden Toilet Seat – Soft Close)

This toilet seat is made of solid wood and has a Walnut color. It is strong, sturdy and certainly has a stylish appearance. This toilet seat isn’t cheap, however it does have a soft close feature, so no more slamming noises or pinching of fingers. The hinges are chrome plated, which compliments the Walnut finish, nicely. Although, it says it has a piano finish, it really doesn’t have a glossy finish.

  • Suitable for Round toilet bowls
  • Natural walnut solid wood toilet seat, with a designer piano finish
  • Factory installed EZ close chrome hinges
  • Simple to install (only needing a screw driver)
  • Color coordinated bumpers

MAYFAIR Durable Enameled Wood Toilet Seat, Round or Elongated, Various Colors Available

An inexpensive wooden toilet seat option, made of molded wood and covered in a glossy paint finish. With its STA-TITE fastening system, this toilet seat is not only very easy to install but also simple to remove, meaning cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. There are elongated and standard size toilet seats available in various colors, however not every color is available in both sizes. Click on the link below to find out which color is available for your toilet shape.

  • Available in various colors
  • Suitable for Elongated and round toilet bowls
  • STA-TITE Fastening System: So the seat will never come loose
  • Simple to install: All that is needed is a wrench
  • Easy to remove: For cleaning or replacement
  • Durable enameled wood toilet seat, provides a superior high-gloss finish
  • Made in the USA: With Earth friendly materials and processes

Wooden Toilet Seats: A Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right toilet seat for your bathroom can be a challenge, especially if you are buying online. There are different colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, so it is important to decide what you need before you part with your hard earned cash. Here are a few things to consider when buying a wooden toilet seat.


“Well, its made of wood, that’s all I need to know, right”? Not necessarily. Wooden toilet seats will have wood material, however, not all are made equally. Wooden toilet seats can be made of solid wood, veneer, molded wood and even bamboo (which is a type of grass, but looks like wood). These different types of wood materials can affect the look, weight and price of the toilet seat.


Of all toilet seats, there appears to be a big difference in prices when it comes to wooden toilet seats, depending on the type of wood material involved. A solid wood toilet seat will be the most expensive, where as molded wood (like a wood flour) will more than likely be the cheapest.

Shapes and Sizes

This may be an obvious one, but it is still important. The two main options to choose from are an elongated and standard/round toilet seat. It is quite easy to spot which one your toilet is, however it is worth measuring your toilet bowl to make sure you buy the right size seat for your toilet. In some cases, you may have specific types of shapes, such as an eljer toilet seat or square toilet seats, however, I haven’t found a wooden toilet seat suitable for eljer or square toilets.


Most people just want a toilet seat that looks great, matches their bathroom decor and fits their toilet bowl. However. there are some added features that a toilet seat can have, such as heating and slow close. Fortunately, a wooden toilet seat does not get as cold as plastic, so may not need heating, however if you prefer a slow close toilet seat, then there is one in the list above (Comfort Seats EZ Close).

Wooden Toilet Seats – Pros and Cons


  • A solid wood toilet seat is heavy and durable
  • Won’t become too cold to sit on during winter weather
  • Classy, stylish and natural look
  • Molded wood can be a more eco-friendly option, compared to plastic
  • Can be sandpapered & re-varnished
  • Doesn’t look cheap


  • Is not scratch-proof
  • Not as easy to clean as plastic
  • May not be as hygienic, compared to plastic
  • A solid wood toilet seat can be quite expensive
  • Will fade and degrade sooner
  • Wood is absorbent of moisture and liquids (smell)

A wooden toilet seat can add a lot of class and style to your bathroom. It gives that natural feel that a plastic toilet seat just doesn’t have. Wooden toilet seats come in both elongated and round shapes and are available in many different colors. The majority of wood toilet seats have a natural wood furniture look, with a finish that enhances the wood’s color, rather than completely changes it.

If you are looking for a solid, heavy wooden toilet seat then it won’t come cheap, however, there are a variety of wood toilet seats in the list above to suit all budgets.

We hope you were able to find the perfect toilet seat from the Best Wooden Toilet Seats list above, to add some natural style to your bathroom.

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