Hi, my name is Rob or just call me The Toilet Seat Guy!  Why toilet seats you may ask?  Well, kitchen guys make food, living room guys make entertainment, bedroom guys make passion and toilet guys make……………washrooms look good?  Toilet seats may be a weird passion of mine but when you think about it, we spend a lot of our time on the toilet, everyday, multiple times a day and who doesn’t like a nice clean washroom to go into.  For me, the toilet seat is the focal point of the washroom, it can be the make or break between looking impressive or just plain dull.

I’ve had several different toilet seats come and go in my life and I can’t say all of them were memorable.  A few were plain types and a couple were spectacular.  However, I did learn that a toilet seat is very important in sprucing up any washroom, let’s say it is the cherry on top.

I created this site to help you find your perfect toilet seat.  The one that when your friends visit, it will be the first thing they notice when they enter your washroom.  If you want a specific color or shape, I will help you find it.  There are two types of toilet seats found in the majority of bathrooms in the western world and they are either a round or elongated toilet seat.  You should be able to see which one is which just by looking at it, however, if you would like to double check, then here are the measurements for both types.

  • Elongated toilet seat measurement – 18 5/8” or more

  • Round toilet seat measurement – 16 3/4” or less

If you know what type of toilet seat you need and have an idea of which type you would like then please have a look through my home page to find the perfect toilet seat for your washroom.

Cool 3D Ocean Turtle Round Toilet SeatCool 3D Tiger Face Toilet Seat



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