How To Clean A Toilet Seat Thoroughly

I am sure for 99% of people, cleaning a toilet seat is one chore they would rather do without. However, it is a necessary chore for sanitary reasons and also to keep your toilet seat looking sparkling clean and new.

What Products Do I Need To Clean A Toilet Seat

I am going to keep this list as simple as possible. To thoroughly clean your toilet seat, all you will need are :

  • Rubber gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Disinfectant
  • An old toothbrush
  • A cloth

First of all put on a pair of rubber gloves, fill your sink with warm water, and add some disinfectant.

How To Clean The Toilet Seat Lid

Rinse The cloth in the disinfected warm water and clean the top and under the lid. Repeat this two to three times, each time rinsing the cloth in the water. Do not worry about cross-contaminating other parts of the toilet seat as the disinfectant will kill all the bacteria as soon as the cloth comes in contact with the water.

Next, we will clean the knobs and hinges under the lid. For this step, we will use the undiluted disinfectant because these areas are more concentrated with bacteria and grime. Pour a little undiluted disinfectant on top of the toothbrush and then brush around the knobs(under the lid) and the back and front of the hinges. Repeat this process until all the grime is gone. Rinse the cloth and then wipe down all of the lid.

How To Clean The Toilet Seat

Rinse the cloth and wipe only the top of the toilet seat. Repeat two or three times to thoroughly clean. Next, grab the toothbrush (still has disinfectant on it) and brush the bumpers underneath the toilet seat.

Finally, because there are a lot more bacteria built under the seat, grab a paper towel, dip in the disinfected water and then wipe clean the underside of the toilet seat. Discard the paper towel in the bin (don’t discard the paper towel down the toilet).

How To Clean The Top Rim Of The Toilet

Finally, to top it off, we will have a quick clean of the top rim. Grab a piece of paper towel and dip in the disinfectant warm water. The reason we use paper towels here is the same reason we use them under the toilet seat. There is a lot more build-up of dirt and urine on the toilet rim.

Wipe the top rim two or three times with the disinfected paper towel.

Each time use a different piece of paper towel so rinse the paper towel, wipe the top rim and then discard. Remember to also wipe the back part of the rim behind the toilet seat.

This is a simple and effective way to thoroughly clean your toilet seat and bowl. It is up to you how often you clean your toilet seat with disinfectant and I guess it depends on how many people use the bathroom and how dirty it gets. For obvious reasons, if boys and men are using the toilet then there will be a quicker build-up of grime and bacteria under the toilet seat.

Tip: Buy a different color rubber glove than you normally use. Store this color as your toilet cleaning rubber glove, therefore it will not get mixed up with your kitchen gloves.

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