How Much Does a Toilet Weigh

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh

Toilets are durable and should last for a period of around 20 to 30 years, which is a pretty long time for a household fixture. The average person will probably not have to install or lift many toilets in their lifetime, therefore, you may be curious on how much does a toilet weigh.

The average one-piece toilet will weigh roughly 100 lbs. Depending on several factors, it can weigh 20 lbs more or less. 

A two-piece toilet will weigh significantly less because it comes in two pieces. The bowl will be that little bit heavier than the tank and will weigh around 50 – 60 lbs. If you would like to know how a toilet weighs this much, then read on.

Factors that Determines the Weight of a Toilet

Most people believe that toilets weigh the same due to similarities in designs and use. The truth is that several factors impact the total weight of a toilet. These factors include:

One or Two-piece Toilets

One of the most significant factors that results in how heavy a toilet is, is whether it is a one-piece or a two-piece. One-piece toilets have the base and tank fused together, while a two-piece toilet has a separate bowl and tank.

One-piece Toilets

When it comes to weight, one-piece toilets generally weigh around 100 Pounds, while the two-piece is relatively lighter, weighing roughly 50 pounds (bowl or tank). The one-piece is obviously heavier because the bowl and tank are firmly intact.

Two-piece Toilets

The two-piece toilet is easier to lift because the base and tank are separate. This feature will not only make it easier to lift but also easier to install. If you want to install the toilet by yourself, then you will be able to lift the bowl and tank separately, making it a lot easier to handle and place into the correct area.

Brand and Model

Different toilet companies have various manufacturing processes, which will determine the weight of a toilet.

A one-piece toilet from a particular company can weigh differently from a one-piece from another company. For example, the American Standard Champion 4 one-piece toilet weighs 119lbs, while the TOTO Ultramax II one-piece weighs 20 lbs less at only 99lbs. 

However, many of the leading brands will have similar versions of a toilet design.

To give you an idea of the different toilet weights between different brands and models, we can see the weights of the different toilets that made our Top 10 list.

Our Top 10 toilet List and Their Weight

  1. American Standard Champion 4 Toilet – One-piece – 119 lbs
  2. TOTO Ultramax II Toilet – One-piece – 99 lbs
  3. Kohler Memoirs Stately Toilet – Two-piece – 105 lbs*
  4. 20 Inch Convenient Height Toilet – Two-piece – 120 lbs*
  5. WoodBridge T-0001 Toilet – One-piece – 119 lbs
  6. Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet – One-piece – 110 lbs
  7. TOTO Aquia Wall-hung Toilet – Wall-hung – 66.5 lbs
  8. TOTO Neorest 700H Toilet – Smart Toilet – 123.6 lbs
  9. TOTO Drake Toilet – Two-piece – 87 lbs
  10. Saniflo Sanicompact Macerating Toilet – Tankless – 67 lbs

* This is a total weight.  The bowl will be about 60% of the total weight


Almost all toilets are made of porcelain, created using clay. Vitreous china is a very popular material for good quality toilets by the leading brands.  This porcelain material is strong and durable and will last for many years.

Size and Design

Toilets are designed not only for different sized people but also different sized bathrooms.

Comfort height toilets are taller than standard height toilets. The extra material needed to make them taller, will add to the weight of these toilets.

Smaller and more compact toilets are generally lighter in weight and are more suitable for shorter people and small bathrooms.

Minimalist toilets tend to have smaller tanks that make them a little lighter. You can also opt for a tankless toilet or maybe a wall hung toilet.

Wall hung toilets are very light but complicated to install. Where as tankless toilets, such as a smart toilet, are compact but can be quite heavy.

Most camping toilets are lighter, to ensure ease of transport. Portable camping toilets are mostly made of plastic.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets may be compact in size and they may not have a tank, however they are still quite heavy. The reason being, they are loaded with fabulous features. Bidets, heated seats, water sprays, odor sprays, yes, smart toilets have a lot to offer. 

All of this technology will add a little more weight to the toilet. For example, the Kohler Veil intelligent toilet weighs 110 lbs. And the Toto 700H weighs an impressive 123 lbs.

How Heavy Are Toilets to Lift for the Average Person?

A regular person may be able to lift 100 lbs of dead weight, which means toilets are generally not too heavy for the average person. However, problems can arise because of the shape of the toilet.

The most comfortable toilet to transport is the two-piece because the tank and bowl are separate. Two-piece toilets will arrive in separate boxes, so unpacking a two-piece shouldn’t be an issue.

However, a one-piece toilet will arrive in one box. It is also an awkward shape, so it may be a problem for one person.

Can One Person Lift a Toilet?

You will need both hands to lift a toilet. Because the shape of toilets makes it more difficult to grip, a two-piece is more suitable for one person to move.

If you have extra help lifting your toilet, then any size or model can be relocated with relative ease.

Can You Install a Toilet on Your Own?

Some toilets require an experienced person to install a toilet. It may be difficult to complete the process without understanding its various steps. Plus installing the new toilet will mean removing and disposing of the old one, which requires a certain level of physical strength. 

However, the simple answer is yes. Of course, the best scenario would be to have two people working together so your toilet will not become damaged or broken during installation.

You’ll also need a sturdy wall or floor structure in order for it to be secured firmly. Most toilets come with all the necessary hardware and instructions needed to install them correctly.

Tips on Lifting a Toilet

You should avoid carrying or lifting a toilet by yourself, due to the weight and shape. When guiding the toilet into place, it will be a lot easier if two people are lifting it and will help prevent any back injuries. 

If you need to transport the toilet from one area to another, then a wheelbarrow or a hand trolley can be useful. Make sure that the toilet is well protected so that you don’t chip the porcelain.

When lifting the toilet, make sure lift with proper form to protect your lower back from injury.

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh

How Much Does a Toilet Weigh : Conclusion

Understanding how much does a toilet weigh is useful when planning to purchase and install a new unit. It will help you decide whether you will need help installing the toilet or whether you can do it alone. 

As you can see in the list above, toilets come in different designs and sizes. They come in different weights as well.  If you want to install the toilet yourself and you want a lighter model, then go for a two-piece. 

If you are not worried about the weight of the unit, then the heaviest of models should weigh no more than 125 lbs.

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