TOTO Drake vs Drake II

TOTO Drake vs Drake II Toilets

So you have heard some good things about the TOTO Drake toilet and are wondering if it is a worthy replacement for your current model. The only thing is, now there are two Drakes to consider. Is the Drake II really an upgrade on the original Drake? Is it worth paying extra for the newer model or is the original better value? Is the Drake II even better than the tried, tested and loved Drake? Just because it is a newer version, doesn’t guarantee it is a better version. Well, hopefully this article TOTO Drake vs Drake II toilets will guide you in the right direction, so that you can make a more informed decision on which one of these popular toilets will be the best model for your bathroom.

If you are in a rush, here is a comparison table of the basics these two toilets have to offer.


Gallons Per Flush – 1.6 

Not WaterSense or ADA Certified

G-Max Flush Technology

MaP Flush Score – 1000

Glaze Finish -SanaGloss

Drake II

Gallons Per Flush – 1.28 

WaterSense and ADA Certified

Dual Cyclone Flush Technology

MaP Flush Score – 800

Glaze Finish – CeFiONtect

TOTO Drake vs Drake II Toilet Comparison

TOTO are one of the most popular toilet manufacturers on the market today and have built a very solid reputation for providing high quality toilets, at affordable prices. The Drake is one of their more popular models, but is the Drake II a better option? Lets have a closer look at these two models to see what they both have to offer.


Choosing a toilet design for a bathroom is a personal decision. What one person may like, may not be another person’s taste, however in my opinion, the Drake has a nicer design compared to the Drake II. The Drake has more curvy features, where as the Drake II appears more square in design.

That being said, the Drake II is a narrower toilet. The tank is smaller due to the lower gallons per flush, however I feel like the Drake II lost a little bit of shape with the smaller tank. For me, the Drake tank looks better, however if you have a small bathroom and need to conserve free space, then the Drake II may be a better option.

It is also worth noting that the Drake II is ADA compliant, where as the Drake is not. The Drake II is that little bit taller than the Drake, so the extra seat height makes it more suitable for tall people, the elderly or disabled people.


TOTO toilets are known to perform well, however these two models use different flush technologies. The Drake uses G-Max Flush technology, where as the Drake II uses Dual Cyclone Flush technology.

The G-Max is a regular gravity style flush system, however, it is very powerful. It has a Map flush score of 1000, which means it can flush away up to 1000 grams of waste. That is pretty impressive. However, it is uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush, so it is not WaterSense certified and cannot be used in certain States in the US.

Compare this to the Drake II’s Dual Cyclone Flush, and you have a less powerful flush but certainly more efficient. The Dual Cyclone flush system is like a Tornado in a toilet. Water enters the bowl from two separate nozzles, creating a tornado like rinse that flushes the bowl using only 1.28 GPF. This efficient flush makes the Drake II WaterSense certified and more eco-friendly. The Drake II has an MaP score of 800, which is still very good and powerful enough.

Overall, the Drake wins on power but the Drake II wins on efficiency.


Both toilets have a powerful flush, a good rinse and shouldn’t leave anything behind. However, the Drake II should be easier to clean and maintain, with the introduction of the CeFIONect glaze finish. CeFIONect is a smooth glaze that prevents particles from clinging to the bowl surface. The Drake uses a SanaGloss glaze finish which is pretty good, but CeFIONect is an upgrade and will reduce the need for frequent cleaning and using harsh chemicals.

Overall, CeFIONect is certainly an improvement when it comes to toilet bowl cleaning. SanaGloss is good but CeFIONect is TOTO’s upgrade.


The Drake and Drake II are both two-piece toilets and also have 12 inch rough-ins. This means the installation process will be the same. Two-piece toilets will arrive in two separate pieces, the bowl and the tank, therefore will need to be installed one at a time. Compared to installing a heavy one-piece toilet, two-piece toilets are lighter to lift and easier to fit the toilet in place. Make sure to measure your toilet rough-in to make sure it is a 12 inch, before you buy.

Who is the Drake or Drake II more suitable for?

Both of these toilets are high quality and have great performance, but what else would you expect from a TOTO toilet. Both toilets are a good choice but one may be more suitable for your needs, than the other.

The Drake II may be more suitable for:

  • Smaller Bathrooms
  • Tall people, elderly people, disabled people
  • People living in States that require WaterSense certified toilets
  • Environmentally conscious households

The Drake may be more suitable for:

  • Households that don’t need a taller toilet seat (with children)
  • Households that want a more powerful flush

Overall, the Drake and Drake II are both great toilets that will look and perform well in any bathroom. They both have an excellent flush and are highly rated. However, if you need a WaterSense toilet, then the Drake II is the only option. The Drake II is also ADA compliant, making it more suitable for tall, elderly and disabled people.

We hope that you found this TOTO Drake vs Drake II Toilet article helpful and can now make a more informed decision on which one of these great toilets, will be more suitable for your bathroom.

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