How Long Does A Toilet Last

how long does a toilet last

The humble toilet!  What would we do without it.  It is arguably one of the most important fixtures in any house. It may receive a lot of traffic in its lifetime, therefore it certainly has to be durable.

A toilet may last for as long as 50 years before before needing a replacement, but in some cases this may not be true.  There are many factors that can influence and affect the lifespan of a toilet, leading to situations where a replacement can be the only option.

These factors can range from the quality of the toilet, the traffic or usage the toilet receives, maintenance and cleaning of the toilet and many others.  A toilet that is in a public area and is used by a lot of people will likely have a shorter life span compared to one used by one person in their own home.  All in all, quality really matters, and a cheap toilet used by many people, will need to be replaced more often.  Also, it goes without saying, the more you take care of your toilet, the longer it should last.

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